Yo I’m Christine, and after getting married at the young age of 23 years old, I quickly and unexpectedly found myself falling into domesticated life all too easily. That’s what this blog is about. All the things I’ve been curious to figure out how to do through hours of googling and sifting through tutorials, online reviews, etc. I’ve compiled the best tips from various tutorials, recipes, and general know-how articles seeking to find either the most cost-effective or efficient ways of doing things. So why not save others those same hours of googling?

Random personality quirks that come out in my posts:

  • Amazon Prime is my best friend. It leads to a lot of impulse buys that drive the hubs nuts.
  • I am very particular and logical, hence why I must research everything.
  • I appreciate preparing and eating food in the most systematic manners that allow for optimal eating enjoyment.
  • I by no means consider myself a professional at any of the things I suggest or advise to do. Take my experiences with a grain of salt and please don’t sue me if something goes wrong.
  • I tend to ramble on and get lost in my thoughts, so I will try to include the basic instructions at the bottom of my posts without all the various comments and explanations.

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