DIY Decorative Mini Yarn Balls

diy decorative yarn ball

I bought a replica vintage candy machine at a flea market awhile back. The hubs and I don’t eat candy though, so we didn’t know what to put in it. We tried putting dog treats for the boys, but those just ended up getting stuck. Alas, we were left with an empty candy machine sitting in our living room for over half a year. That was until one day, I saw a pinterest picture of a candy machine filled with mini yarn balls to resemble gum balls. Thus, my inspiration. But how do you make them? where do you start?

I looked up some YouTube videos where they start by just looping the yarn and wrapping around that loop over and over and over and over and over again until you go insane. Totally not worth it. Thus, I came up with a shortcut to start with a balled up paper towel. That gives you like a 1/2″ diameter head start! From there, just continuously wrap the yarn around while slightly rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise (whichever direction you prefer). Once you’ve fully encircled your ball, pinch one end of the yarn on your ball, rotate 90 degrees, and start wrapping again. Just keep going until you are full content with your yarn ball. I believe mine came out to about 2″. Once you’re done, just cut the yarn and tuck the end under the other thread.



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