How to exercise in the middle of a work day

So you’re fortunate enough to have a gym at work or close to work or maybe there’s a good running trail by the office. You don’t want to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to squeeze in a morning workout, and at the end of the day, you just want to go straight home. However, you haven’t considered working out on your lunch break because you don’t want to come back to your desk looking/smelling gross or you don’t think you’ll have enough time. Well here are some tips on how to manage a mid-day workout on work days. Proper prepping is the key to making mid-day workouts plausible. Continue reading


DIY Medicine Balls

diy medicine balls

$30 for a 12 lb medicine ball? $60+ for a 20 lb medicine ball?! Those prices are outrageous for what is just a heavy ball. Why are these balls so expensive when other balls are only $10 Р20, even less if you buy them used or on sale. Refusing to pay this price, I figured out how to make my own medicine balls.  Continue reading

DIY Decorative Mini Yarn Balls

diy decorative yarn ball

I bought a replica vintage candy machine at a flea market awhile back. The hubs and I don’t eat candy though, so we didn’t know what to put in it. We tried putting dog treats for the boys, but those just ended up getting stuck. Alas, we were left with an empty candy machine sitting in our living room for over half a year. That was until one day, I saw a pinterest picture of a candy machine filled with mini yarn balls to resemble gum balls. Thus, my inspiration. But how do you make them? where do you start? Continue reading

Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

deep fried chicken wings

(for cut and dry instructions without all the explanation, scroll to the bottom)

While on my quest for low-carb eating, I wanted to find a crispy fried chicken wing recipe that didn’t include flour, batter, bread crumbs, or any powdered carbs in general. The options that came up were to grind up pork rinds (da fuq?!) or use some Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s expensive alternative such as almond meal/flour. In my research, I realized that a TRUE buffalo chicken wing is actually fried¬†without batter. But then how do they get it so crispy? The key is to fry your chicken wings, and then fry them again. Continue reading

Low Carb Green Bean Fries

fried green beans

I know it sounds really bizarre. Why in the world would you fry green beans, especially without batter? They look really gross, but they’re actually quite delicious! They taste like a mix between french fries and roasted seaweed.

Back in my unhealthy days, I invested in a deep fryer. Once we started eating right, it stopped being used for years. However, while doing the Carb Nite Solution again, I’ve busted the deep fryer out again for unbattered, fried yumminess. Continue reading